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Sick or Not

October 8, 2019

Last Monday before leaving for Thrive I was scheduled for my usual blood treatment (3 hours of IV infusions) but my WBC (white blood cells) were too low to allow this treatment to happen. Not to mention, with my WBC being so low, it left me feeling weak and immunocompromised. Doctors stressed the importance of avoiding large crowds (like Thrive) and for me to rest. Immediately I went boldly before the throne of The Great Physician and asked for His touch. (One touch from God changes everything) and after serious prayer, I had a touch from Him and a specific word for Thrive!


I held to His promises and drove to Daytona Beach. (As the Leadership Team for PFWomen, we arrive a day or so before the actual Event in preparation.) During my 4 hour drive my mind recounted the events later in the week at FL Cancer Specialists. Always and prior to treatment I have the same routine with the FLCancer staff…you walk into labs for bloodwork and vitals and the Nurses will ask, “do you have a port?” “No”, I reply and every time, I am reminded just how unusual my situation is. My story is much different to a lot of patients at FL Cancer Specialists and maybe to you too, but I knew, and I know, that God has caused me to visit this treatment facility on a monthly basis for specific reasons. I may not ever know all the reasons but regardless this is what I DO know…


God loves us ALL extravagantly. Whether you’re sick or not.


He shows no favoritism. (All throughout scripture God says this. See Romans, Galatians, Acts…)  Whether you’re sick or not.  


He hears each desperate cry for healing and each groan from our souls when we can’t utter a single word. Whether you’re sick or not.  


If you’re still breathing, He isn’t finished with you yet. Whether you’re sick or not.  


The fact is, God is sovereign, and He is continually writing our stories of on-going redemption. Whether you’re sick or not.  


Your story is for good and not evil. Whether you’re sick or not.  


Nothing happens that doesn't pass through God’s hands first. Whether you’re sick or not.


Like Paul…whether by death or life- whether I am sick or not, Christ will be exalted/honored in my body.


Whether you’re sick or not... Neither is loved more. Neither is loved less.








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