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Stronger 2019 & 2020

March 26, 2019

Stronger 2019 was incredible! This annual PFWomen Event was held at Calvary Orlando and our Guest Speaker was Donna Barrett who is the 1st Female Executive Officer in the Assemblies of God. (Our National Secretary) She brought forth a timely word for all women in leadership. I’d like to share a few quotes with you:


“25% of AG Credential holders are female and 5.9% of those are Lead Pastors.”


“God has called you, not man.”


“Everything that happens in ministry brings us back to our vertical relationship with God.”


“Begin to function in the role above where you are.” (If you desire to advance.)


“Prayer is to every believer what breathing is to our physical bodies.” (Prayer is not optional.)


In addition to our Guest Speaker (who spoke in 3 General Sessions and Workshops for Young Adults) we had over 30+ workshops for both vocational ministry leaders and the marketplace leaders which left us all feeling refreshed, encouraged and equipped to take our leadership to the next level. Lastly, there was two special dinners- 1 for Ministry Wives and 2 for 1,000 Sisters!


Pastor Robbie and his Worship Team brought us into the presence of God so powerfully. The altars were filled, and miracles were witnessed. All glory to God in the Highest!!!


We encourage you to NOT miss next years Stronger 2020 Event. Holly Wagner will be our Guest Speaker. More info about Holly here.

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