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Hurricane Supply List

September 6, 2018

Prepare yourself/your family NOW for a potential Hurricane. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Benjamin Franklin supposedly said, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Furthermore, being born and raised in Florida and experiencing MANY hurricanes including Andrew in the 90’s, losing my home in Wilma in 2005 and being completely flooded by Irma last year-2017 I am ALWAYS prepared for Hurricanes. Here is my go to list and I am sharing it with y’all. Please share this blog so it could help someone else. It could really save a life!


  • Check your Homeowner’s & Flood Insurance. (I am a Licensed Insurance Agent with 16 years’ experience.) All States are different but still make sure you have proper coverages. Your “Hurricane Deducibtle” is only allowed to be changed on renewal OR with a new policy. I do have clients switch carrier’s midterm just to change their deductibles but be aware…once a Hurricane or Named Storm gets into the “insurance box” carrier’s close for binding. Also, for Flood Insurance- there is an automatic 30 day wait on policy effective dates. Check to see if your homeowner’s insurance policy includes replacement cost, refrigerated personal property (food in your fridge), loss of use to due to power outage (self-explanatory), the highest Loss Assessment Coverage offered with your carrier (this is for homes/condos that have Associations and pay dues. If you have common ground damage in your community you could be assessed for these damages, so this coverage would help you and it’s very inexpensive to add- like $9.00-$15.00) Also, Water Back Up Coverage is good to have too. (This is for dirty water backing up into showers, sinks, and toilets.) Lastly, is Screened Enclosure Coverage- most folks with a pool have a screened enclosure over it. Make sure you are covered for your enclosure. All enclosures are different in size, shape and cost. (*If you’re in Florida- reach out, I can review and/or write your insurance.)

  • Important- hard to replace documents (driver’s license, birth certificates, social security cards, passports, titles, etc.) AND other valuables should be placed in zip lock bags and if possible, water tight boxes. I prefer the boxes from the company called “Pelican.”

  • Medications, Prescriptions, First Aid Kit and Other Personal Items.

  • CASH- ATM’s do not work if the power is out.

  • Solar Powered Emergency Radio- I have this one that I bought from Amazon. It’s solar powered but also can run off batteries and/or the wall plug- (AC/DC sold separately.) It is an AM/FM radio with 7 pre-programmed weather channels and includes both USB and micro USB inputs to charge cell phones and other electronics. It’s water resistant and extremely durable.

  • Batteries

  • Gas Cans- have gas and oil on hand and their funnels. I like these.

  • Flash Lights, Lanterns and Candles (Make sure to have enough lighters and matches. I even have waterproof matches and a fire starter.)

  • Insect Repellant and Sunscreen

  • Plastic Pitcher- (I use this to retrieve water previously filled in the bathtub to be able to flush the toilets.)

  • Propane- (I have both a gas grill and a portable camping stove- both require propane.) If you don’t have these, then pickup a disposable grill like this one OR charcoal for your charcoal grill.

  • Generator, Duct Tape, Nails/Screws (impact are needed to go through concrete) and their Power Tools, Ladder, Ax and/or Chainsaw, Gloves, Water boots and/or Work boots, Lawn trash Bags, Rakes and Other Garden Tools. (Most of these items I used for preparation and also clean up.)

  • Coolers (Don’t forget ice) and a Manual Can Opener.

  • Bleach and other Cleaning Supplies (disinfectant wipes, bucket, mop, broom, etc.)

  • Water (Both for you/your family and your animals.)

  • Paper Goods- Plates, Cups, Bowls, Utensils, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper

  • Baby/Children items- you should know what your child/children need but don’t forget activities to keep them busy- games, drawing pads/crayons, cards, books, etc.

  • Food


If there is something you think I missed, email me- valerie@valeriekeyser.com Thanks!  😊



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