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The Next Generation

July 19, 2017


I watched Pastor Willie Georges’ sermon last night via satellite which was streamed live from the Seeds Conference and I was so thankful to be hearing a word from God. The connection went down and I did not hear his topic but after my own conclusion, I would say...“Investing in the Next Generation.”




This is so dear to me since it wasn’t until my late twenties that I had a godly woman invest in my life. LATE TWENTIES! By the grace of God alone I made it through but in hind set, I always longed for this investment and truth be known...I needed such investment.




We all do!




I was taught something that has stuck with me ever since… “you give away what you long to receive” ……and so I invested. (I could name each person but it would be too long of a post. You’re welcome! :)




The point is, if we are to reach the next generation for Christ, we MUST stay connected to the next generation. “Throw the mantle” like Elijah did with Elisha. (See 1 Kings 19) This requires taking time to personally invest in someone’s life. Let’s lay down our own agendas and lighten the grip on the baton. To run our race and run it well at some point we will need to pass this baton. Hear me, a generation WILL get skipped if we aren’t willing to let it go.




We won’t all align on ideas/opinions of other generations. Even so, we won’t all align with one another’s systematic theology. BUT where we all can align is behind the cross of Jesus Christ.




He is FOR us!




Can we be FOR the next generation?

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