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"Joy Tour Talk"

June 19, 2017

10 thoughts (in no specific order) from a PenFlorida Sectional Representative after her “Joy Tour” stop.


1. If we are not preparing in prayer, we are not preparing at all.

2. Jealousy is a wasted emotion and is ALWAYS rooted in insecurity. This WILL steal our joy.

3. The enemy does not want us to be effective in the Kingdom of God. He wants us to be joyless.

4. The reward of good work is greater work.

5. Expectancy is breeding grounds for miracles. Be expectant of God. He will do the rest.

6. The Holy Spirit must be the source of all we do for Christ. Let's stay focused.

7. Be confident this great day that your God has chosen you. Yes, YOU!

8. We must let go of some hurt in order to hold onto hope…Joyful Hope.

9. What we hide, God cannot heal. Bring it out of darkness and into light. He’s faithful.

10. “Joy has to be cultivated, it doesn’t just happen.” Quote by Deanna Shrodes


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