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Outcry Tour-Miami, FL

May 9, 2017

On Sunday I had the privilege of serving alongside--Jesus Culture, Lauren Daigle, Kim Walker-Smith, and Elevation Worship through the partnership of World Vision.


Anyhow, here are a few pictures that captured our time together in God’s presence and I want to leave you with a few things. *These are my own thoughts and they are not derived from this event. Nor was I endorsed by the artists listed above.

  1. MUCH of worship is focus.

  2. God is with you in your waiting. Hang on to Hope and Hope has a name…it’s Jesus Christ.

  3. Expectancy is breeding grounds for miracles. Believe God!

  4. God desires our WHOLE hearts no matter what they are incased in. (Fear, Doubt, Jealousy, Pride, etc.) A heart heals when a heart changes and He is the Changer of hearts.

  5. Ashes for Beauty. This is a Divine exchange. We can’t hold onto ashes and expect beauty. Surrender the ashes and watch God redeem it and make it beautiful.


With love,






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