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Here I am Lord...

May 4, 2017



I met with my Surgeon last week. After reviewing my test results, I needed to undergo a minor procedure in his office (which happened yesterday) and then schedule surgery. When I went to his office yesterday he was concerned about the coloration in my arm and immediately referred me to get a Venous Ultrasound. (Checking to see if I have blood clots in my arm and/or other complications with veins/arteries.) This will be completed first thing tomorrow morning. I am also meeting with a Neurologist and a Rheumatologist. (Insert 13th Doctor into my phonebook. :)


This is my life. My entire life has been a mission of God’s mercy. Ashes for beauty!


I love Colossians 3:15a “And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,…” The name, “Prince of Peace” is derived from this passage and it means that Christ brings His peace where He is Prince. If He is not Prince over your heart OR over an area of your life, you won’t have peace. Let that sink in. (I hope this ministers to someone today.)


I am at peace with my circumstances.  


I told my friend Deanna this morning that like Paul (with his thorn in the flesh) I DO pray for healing, I DO pray to be delivered but if the Lord leaves it, I will embrace it and leverage it for the Kingdom. Every morning I wake and walk in pain but, “here is my body Lord…a living sacrifice…use me!”


And He has been.


He is faithful…faithful even when we are not because He cannot deny Himself. (2 Tim. 2:13) My pain, your pain…if we submit these things to the advancement of the Gospel, THAT is where we can see it redeemed.  IF it reaches ONE person, it was worth it. And it has been worth it. I can NEVER repay Him for what He has done for me but when I can do is pour my life out on His altar.


As I write this, the song “Calvary” flooded my mind…the chorus says this…


Lest we forget Jesus paid the price

Lest we forget His awesome sacrifice.

I will remember Jesus nailed to that tree

And I remember He was dying for me.


For me. For me! But make no mistake…for you too!


With Love,



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