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I'm a health coach!

August 19, 2016

On Sunday, August 14th I became a Health Coach. I have the desire to help people obtain optimal health. Are you seeking a change in your health?



Take one step now with Take Shape For Life®. We make it easy to be free of excess weight, low energy, and poor wellbeing by incorporating the Habits of Health. Join us on this effective, simple, satisfying, and supported program.


  • Complimentary Health Coach

  • Effective, Easy Program

  • Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan™ with support is 20 pounds.


The Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan™ is as simple as eating five Replacement Meals and one lean and green meal every day. No counting calories, carbs, or points, and no cooking complicated meals. Choose from over 70 nutritionally balanced Replacement Meals including shakes, bars, drinks, oatmeals, chili, soups, pudding, scrambled eggs, and more.



Contact me for more information!  :)


Name: Valerie Keyser

Health Coach ID#: 892552707

Phone: 239-898-7336

Website: www.shapeme.tsfl.com

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