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What does the cross mean to me?

March 25, 2016

What does the cross mean to me personally?


I read a blog that responded to that exact question. I was not asked this question but I started to meditate on it. And so I asked myself, “ what does the cross mean to you personally?”


In my limitedness (because only God is infinite) here goes…


Sometimes the worst conditions in our lives can usher in an atmosphere for us to act in faith...an opportunity to choose God OR ourselves. I’d like to say that for all of my life I have chosen God but that would be a lie. I’d also like to say that I had the same response as Jesus (on the night He was arrested) when he said, “…nevertheless, not my will, but Yours, be done.” Again, if I said that was my response for all of my life it would be a lie. But God’s mercy, love and patience with my life has been astounding!. It is my prayer that I am in constant remembrance of this. But if we are honest, we all have a paralyzing tendency to forget what God has done for us. Or maybe you do not know God to even know what He has done for you.


So today, Good Friday, let us not forget or let us learn for the first time. (Oh how I pray it so.)

We live in a world where there are a lot of victims. Numberless victims from one spectrum all the way to the opposite end but with a sincere heart I will not focus on those. It is my point to communicate that we are not the victim in the Gospel story. There was one innocent victim and it wasn’t you and it wasn’t me. There was One and His name is Jesus. We are the perpetrators of the Gospel story! Yes, you read that correctly…you and I are the perpetrators. It wasn’t “the cross” that Christ died. It was MY CROSS. It was YOUR CROSS and that’s a tough sell to a generation of “victims.” We all need help to fully understand that. So God, please help us!


In Romans 3:23 we read…“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” YES, ALL. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.
But don’t give up yet because in the next verse there is good news. (paraphrase mine) verse 24: You are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus but only if you believe in faith. This redemption is only done by Christ Jesus. There is no other way. The road to the Kingdom went through the cross.


The cross that Christ died on was to set captives free. No matter what chains kept them in bondage. Christ came and died to bind up the brokenhearted. No matter what broke the heart. Christ came and died to open the eyes of the blind. No matter what veiled the vision. No matter what! So what’s your “what?”


In the story of Cain and Abel we read that Cain killed Abel. (Gen. 4) God says in verse 10 “Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” Figuratively speaking it cried out murder, guilty, worthy of judgment. This is what Cain was and the same is true for us but you see, the blood of Jesus cried out on the corss on our behalf saying…grace, mercy, forgiveness, atonement, redemption and this is the only view God has of us is through the blood of Jesus…washed, cleaned, forgiven, covered, free. It’s all because of Him…the One and Only.


The cross is where my sins are nailed. For yesterday, today and forever.
The cross is where I fell to my knees and surrendered my life.
The cross is my confession. No one perishes there.
The cross is the reason for the very breath I breathe.
The cross is the hope that one day my faith will be made sight and I will see the very One that saved me.


So today lets worship the Savior of the world…lets reflect what He did for us all…lets celebrate a life we can live because of the work on the cross…and lets remember what Jesus said, “it is finished!”


Praise You Lord, Praise You!

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