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February 19, 2016

To love God is to love missions and I am SO thankful I have a church and a Pastor who is mission minded. It’s the Great Commission- the instruction of the resurrected Jesus Christ to spread His teachings to all the nations of the world. (Matthew 28:19)


This doesn’t have to be “overseas” like most people think. Every heart IN Christ is a Missionary and every heart NOT IN Christ is the mission field. Let that be encouragement to you this very day. Your mission field could be in your marriage, your family, your circle of friends, your co-workers, and other areas of influence.


I have recently been spending a lot of time at Florida Cancer Specialists for iron IV treatments. (I want to note; I do not have cancer.) This is my current mission field. How about yours…where has God placed you at this season of your life that is your missions field? I would love to hear some responses so please share! :)

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