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Prince of Peace

July 2, 2015

Let the peace of Christ rule…Colossians 3:15 Christ brings His peace where He is ruling. Where He is Prince. That is where the word “Prince of Peace” comes into play. The key to peace is authority and when we allow Him to govern our lives (have authority) peace will be the result.


And so I got to thinking…thinking about the surface of the water during a storm. It’s rough, tossing everything violently. However the deeper you go below the surface the calmer it becomes. Jesus provides that kind of peace for us. We could be amidst a storm, our waters rough, leaving us feeling tossed violently…emotionally, physically spiritually. But by sinking deeper into HIM we can experience His peace.


Hold onto your Anchor…onto Jesus Himself because you are safe with peace when oceans roar.


Love to you,



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