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Jesus' Healing

June 10, 2015


Luke 8:26-29 talks about Jesus healing a man with demons. This man lived among the tombs.


How many times do we also “live among the tombs?” Tombs of divorce, substance addiction, a death we can’t let go of, anger, or maybe a tomb of un-forgiveness. We are walking with Christ but rumbling and stepping over tombs…lifeless dead tombs. I have been there!


ONLY Jesus can make us clean and so in verse 29 He casts out the unclean spirit in which the man was seized by many times. Again and again and again…


How many times do we follow the same pattern again and again and again?…even though we made Jesus the Lord of our lives…even though we have already received forgiveness.


The man was “kept under guard and bound with chains and shackles.” 29b This is what the enemy does.


-He wants us to live in darkness because then we are not living in light.

-He wants us to live among the dead because then we are not sharing The Way, The Truth and THE LIFE!

-He wants us to be bound to chains and shackles because then we are not putting on the armor of God with our swords of the Spirit (God’s Word) held high.


Loved one…please…pick up your head, gather your tears and walk out of the tombs…out of darkness and death…don’t allow the enemy to keep you under guard any longer. Don’t allow the enemy to keep you bound with chains and shackles.


Christ came to set you FREE. To break EVERY chain.


If God is for us, who can be against us?


Call upon Him.


He will rescue you!


I am praying for you!


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