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Feeling dry?

September 23, 2014

In Isaiah 41:17-20 God promises us an outpouring on the poor and needy but first we MUST be poor and needy. We must humble ourselves…tell Him we are thirsty…tell Him our tongues are parched…tell him we need a fresh outpouring. Until then, I don’t believe the outpouring is going to come. How can God fill us up when we are so full of ourselves there isn’t room for fresh contents…Living Water contents?


The poor and needy in this passage went searching. We too must be searching. Not for another person, not for another drink, not for another puff, not for another new gadget, not for another hour in the gym to drop weight, not for another _________(you fill in the blank.) But that of The LORD! The Holy One of Israel.


When was the last time we had our own outpouring (crying) before God? My prayer is that I ask, we ask the Lord to rid us of ourselves and fill us up with Him. A fresh outpour, a fresh awakening, a fresh anointing….it is His anointing that teaches us about all things. (1 John 2:27)



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