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People Pleaser...the old me.

September 17, 2014

It’s not who we are but whose we are that creates our happiness.


I am a recovering people pleaser. Yes you read that correctly. I have struggled many years with wanting to please the people around me. Whether it was family, friends or newly made acquaintances, I wanted to make them happy. I hardly said no to anything. Anything! In the end if people had a smile on their face then I was happy. If I was able to physically, emotionally, financially, prayerfully help someone then I was happy. 


Naturally by our flesh we want to see things. I can see when I make people happy. If they have a smile, share a hug or express thankfulness. I can see it, hear it, and even sometimes feel it.


Having faith is believing in things unseen. I was filling up my (unseen) emptiness with making others happy (seen). But hear me out…my faith...your faith is what pleases God. Hebrews 11:6 says “it is impossible to please God without faith.”


We sin because we are looking to something else or someone else to give us what only Jesus can give us.


Although I was helping people, I was living wrong. I am not saying we can’t help people. I do it. I encourage it…to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus. What I am saying is…my focus was wrong.


Friends, let’s live for an audience of One. When people want from us, let’s give them Jesus. May we be so captivated by grace today that we surrender to the Grace Giver! 


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