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After last nights sermon...

September 4, 2014

The bible is both law and gospel…law being Gods Word of demand and gospel being Gods Word of deliverance.


Through Jesus we received our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand. We are no longer under the law but under grace. So many times we find ourselves stuck under the law instead of walking, living, doing, being freely under grace. Yes the ground is level at the cross, not just at conversion but every day! Every day we have this grace that is never failing, always constant...amazing grace that will hold us until the end.


Last night Pastor Tim spoke about the Israelites (remember they were slaves) still having the mindsets of slaves despite the fact they had just come out of slavery. They had wrong thinking even though God provided a way out...He sent a deliverer named Moses. God also sent us a Deliverer too…His name is Jesus. The Israelites came out of slavery to Pharaoh and we have come out of slavery to sin. They were headed to the promise land and we too are headed to the Promise Land. Wrong thinking keeps people from entering the promises that Jesus came and died for. We must start thinking grace each and every single day. Not just Sunday grace, not just morning devotional grace but daily grace. Grace needs to take residence in our thinking to keep us from thinking wrong and being enslaved. A life no longer enslaved cannot be lived under the law. Ask yourself where you are standing right now…are you stuck under the law or standing freely under grace? Is there something that you’re holding onto or something that has gone on way too long that has got you stuck spinning back and forth under the two?


Let’s meet at the foot of the cross about this and pray.


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