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Swaziland 2014

August 27, 2014



I have been home for a few weeks and have had time to reflect on the work of God both in and through me while in Africa. I will be blogging the next few weeks about this experience. I hope you will join me. Are you ready?


First, I want to thank you ALL for praying for me and also supporting me financially. Your faithfulness to the kingdom is such a blessing and I am forever grateful.  


Ok now to the mushy stuff. Yes, I said mushy! ;)


I am not ashamed to say…I didn’t want to leave Africa. NOPE! But I found myself like Nehemiah, sitting down and weeping. {Yes I cried} Then I turned to the Lord in prayer. (Or maybe I was pleading my case as to why I didn’t want to leave.) God, what now? Why do I have to go back to the states? Isn’t this where you have called me to? Then I was reminded this…..trust. Yep, that’s it, just TRUST! Here’s the thing, I do not know what my future holds BUT I know The One who holds my future and I can trust Him because He is faithful.


OK soooo sometimes that’s harder to do rather than say. [Let’s be honest.] But one thing for sure is- I have made a lot of mistakes and walking in Gods will is always best because He doesn’t make mistakes. So being obedient is what I must press on to do regardless of my feelings or questions. If you are struggling with answers and/or asking a lot of questions let this be encouragement to you. Asking questions is fine IF it draws us closer to God and not away from Him. If it pushes us away then our questions are wrong. I have learned (and are still learning) that I won’t always receive an answer on this side of heaven. It may not be until I cross over from the temporal to the eternal that I understand the many whys of my life. Until then I must trust in the sovereignty of God. Let’s trust Him friend.

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