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Jesus...the One and Only!

July 17, 2014

I was baptized and raised in a Lutheran Church. I even attended VBS during the summer...ALL summer long. Looking back I realize I had a “love/dislike” relationship in regards to going to church. I didn’t want to go but when I got there I didn’t want to leave. This is because I didn’t know the true meaning of a relationship with Christ. (Good thing God is patient with me; I am obviously a slow learner, ha!) Church had taken the place of Jesus. My dinner and bedtime prayers had taken the place of Jesus. I thought I knew every “rule” just like Jewish believers knew the 613 rules of the Mosaic Law. But unlike us, they didn’t have access to a relationship with God. The Holy of Holies was only accessed by the high priest. The Holy of Holies was separated from the rest of the tabernacle/temple by the veil and when Jesus died on the cross, that veil was torn by the power of God. It provided us this access...to come directly into the throne room and have a relationship with Him. No longer are we separated from God by a veil. No longer do we need to depend on priests to perform once a year sacrifices on our behalf. No longer is it necessary to be cleansed before stepping into the presence of God. He is the One who does the cleaning. Our sins were washed away by the precious blood of Jesus. Only by Jesus- our Devine Intercessor are we able to have this relationship. Praise Him for His death; it is because we have life.


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